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The Heinrich Mantel company was founded in Zurich by Heinrich Mantel Sr in 1944. At that time the young company located at the Bleicherweg in Zurich focussed on the sales of machines and equipment for the paper processing in bookbinding and cardboard box shops. In 1966 the company introduced the screen printing technology and consistently developed into a system supplier of complete screenprint specific solutions for objectiv and flat printing tasks. The company Heinrich Mantel was then counted among the pioneers of the times and able over the years to establish a good reputation within the realms of screen printing technology.

Due to a shortage of space, the company relocated 1973 from Zurich to Waedenswil, and concurrently changed its legal form into an incorporated company, the Heinrich Mantel AG.

At the same time, the company passed over to the next generation, Heinrich Mantel Jr. The introduction of digital printing technology has already begun in late 1993. Being positive about the potential of this technology, the company Heinrich Mantel AG succeeded for the first time in digitally producing screen printing stencils in 1994 thanks to an in-house developed inkjet technology. These activities resulted in DataScreen, a multifunctional system for print stencil production and digital printing.


Over and above DataPrint evolved from this in the course of time, a precision inkjet system for single and multicolour printing under eloxal on anodised aluminium and for a variety of other, flexible and stiff, materials.

By the modifications of equipment according to specific customer needs as well as by the development and production of machines of its own, the company Heinrich Mantel AG gravitates from an originally pure commercial firm toward system manufacturing. Today, the company's activities are internationally oriented and rest on three pillars: Screen printing technology, digital printing technology and electronics. In all typographic areas, the company also backs up on essential accessories, provides maintenance and training, in order to be able to meet customer needs completely and comprehensively.